I am a mathematician who writes to inspire.

Who Am I?

Hey Medium fellows, welcome to my profile. I am Madiha Jamal, a budding entrepreneur, and a copywriter with a background in applied mathematics. People always get confused with my degree and career. I acquired a master’s degree in applied mathematics but I chose a career in copywriting and digital marketing.

I am the Jack of all trades. My passions are writing, reading, marketing, mentoring, problem-solving, daydreaming, traveling, and sleeping — I wish I could sleep…

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Mathematics In Life

Writing and Marketing


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Employee engagement is a core aspect of effective human resources management. It is pivotal to employee retention and efficiency. Organizations thrive when employees work not only because of a paycheck but also because they are emotionally invested and committed to the company’s growth.

Until recently, however, the impact of employee engagement has been underestimated and misconstrued.

Organizations mistake employee engagement for other concepts like work-life balance…

Fear is an obstacle in your path to success. On this path, you need to strengthen your faith so that you can conquer your fears.

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Paralyzing anxiety, a lack of self-confidence, and crippling depression, these things bump into the mind with the word fear. We frequently experience it daily and develop various strategies to cope with the challenges that arise. However, the reality is that fear is a fantastic motivator and tool that leads to 100% necessary growth; take advantage of it. It will be your magical tool to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

These following tricks will help you develop the ability to bulldoze your fears:

1. Live in the present moment

Fear can run away with us in all aspects of our life. We’re annoyed by a…

Use these words in your sales copies and see the magic. These words are proven to convince people to buy.

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Persuasive: intend or have the power to induce action or belief.

Copywriting is the art and science of changing the meaning, mood, and motivation to take action with some persuasive words.

There are many intoxicatingly persuasive words that copywriters use to close more sales with ease. These words are one of the most powerful persuasion secrets in the English language that every copywriter uses to control readers’ minds.

I am not talking about power words here.

Power words strengthen your copy to pique interest. These words are used to hook people to click.

Persuasive words convince people to buy. …

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With today’s increasing economy, an excellent way to cut your expenses is extreme couponing. It is wise to hunt for promos and discounts and shop savvy at significant markdowns.

Who wouldn’t love the idea of paying less for a lot of stuff? But it takes a little effort to clip coupons from newspapers and download them from websites and apps. But the most dedicated would be victorious.


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Why even after 500 years of his death, do we still admire Leonardo da Vinci’s varied accomplishments in painting, architecture, and mathematics? Because he is truly the “Supreme Genius of the Ages.”

His paintings: The Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, and Vitruvian Man are some of the iconic images in the history of western art. These drawings are such an extraordinary legacy; they made the thirst for knowledge so visual.

Leonardo was the authentic interpretation of a…

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So, you want to learn to Copywrite? I know you did a lot of searching online to find the best tips.

And I also know that you’ve ended up barraged with 1,000 online courses, 10,000 books, and a trillion blog posts.

Did it make your eyes bulge and your mind spiral when you saw the massive stuff?

Pardon us!

We (copywriting mentors) only want to guide you with the best of our expertise.

The good thing is, you have chosen this post among the…

Madiha Jamal

Copywriter | mathematician| digital marketing geek | Co-founder https://www.thecontentunlimited.com

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