I am a mathematician who writes to inspire.

“Life is good for only two things, discovering the universe with mathematics and sharing words of wisdom.”

Who Am I?

Hey Medium fellows, welcome to my profile. I am Madiha Jamal, a budding entrepreneur, and a copywriter with a background in applied mathematics. People always get confused with my degree and career. I acquired a master’s degree in applied mathematics but I chose a career in copywriting and digital marketing.

I am the Jack of all trades. My passions are writing, reading, marketing, mentoring, problem-solving, daydreaming, traveling, and sleeping — I wish I could sleep…

Now is the time to focus on creating short-lived or disappearing content to take your social media marketing campaigns by storm

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They say that ephemeral content will keep gaining popularity. They are right!

If you are scratching your head right after reading this statement, you might not have heard the phrase ephemeral content yet.

Recall the moment when you first made an account on Snapchat and had an on-again/off-again relationship with the app. Remember when your best buddy posted a Snapchat story, and you jumped right into it to see the story before it disappears?

Get my point?

Anything accessible for a short span gets more interesting than what’s been there for a long time.

Today, we live in a world…

“Mathematics is the language with which God has written the universe.” -Galileo Galilei

The future we have seen in science fiction movies is here. From virtual reality to functional gadgets, AI has invaded our lives in ways that no one has ever seen or expected before. AI tools and chatbots have been on the verge of a breakthrough in the promptly-evolving tech realm.

AI is not magic; it’s just mathematics.

The ideas behind thinking machines and the possibility to mimic human behavior are done with the help of mathematical concepts.

Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics are the two branches of the…

The future we used to see in the movies back in our childhood is here. We are finally embracing the futuristic technologies of our childhood.

“Artificial Intelligence is one of the most important things humanity is working on. It’s more profound than I don’t know, electricity or fire.” — Google CEO Sundar Pichai

We are living in an era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotic machines.

Artificial intelligence is one of the evolving technologies that is disrupting the value chains of the creative economy.

It’s a digital brain that learns and carries out decisions without human intervention.

Most marketers are…

Robotics research has been increasing exponentially and marking a new industrial revolution. Today, above one million robots are operating globally and the number is growing with time.

Today we have many robots with brainpower comparable or even beyond human intelligence, physical capability, perception, and behavior. And in some areas like computer-aided surgery, these intelligent machines can even surpass human capabilities.

From handling hazardous materials to welding components, performing administrative tasks like, filing documents for customers, or vacuuming carpets, Robots are playing many essential roles in society.

But what makes them do all the ingenious things? …

Decision-making is a constant hit and trial process. Successful people don’t take a wrong decision as a setback; they learn from it and move on to the next one with confidence.

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After the thanksgiving party of 1982, Steve Jobs requested John Sculley to leave Pepsi and join Apple as a co-founder. Initially, Sculley denied the offer, but then Steve Jobs persuaded him to change his decision. In a later interview, Sculley confessed that it was the life-altering decision of his life.

To make a decision, successful people follow some models. …

There is a difference between a leader and a manager. Leaders rely on trust, while managers rely on control.

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What defines a business leader?

A business leader sets goals and provides directions to achieve the goal for a company. A leader motivates the employees to push boundaries, bring out their best potential in work, tackle the competition, and solve problems wisely and quickly. Business leaders think and do what’s best for their team instead of themselves. Great leadership demands a lot of sacrifices, focus, integrity, stoicism, empowerment, generosity, persistence, strong discipline, and a pledge to excellence.

What defines a business manager?

A business Manager keeps an organization functioning by figuring…

Mathematics is another sense you had not yet discovered — a sense of patterns and logical connections that allows you to perceive the realities of the universe with a new perspective.

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The laws of nature are the mathematical thoughts of God. — Euclid.

Nature really does love mathematics. And I love both — nature and mathematics.

But the majority of people who love nature don’t fancy mathematics. They are called outsiders — who always struggle with math.

I was also a part of the outsider group.

But, when I completed my post-graduation in applied mathematics, my outsider’s perspective of mathematics…

The philosophy of modern mathematics (structures) that swept through American and foreign education systems in the middle of the century was led by the great mathematician and artist Nicolas Bourbaki — who never lived.

Founding members of Nicolas Bourbaki

Nicolas Bourbaki was one of the influential mathematicians of the 19th century that originated the modern concept of mathematical proof, authored many textbooks, and published dozens of academic papers in international journals.

When that great mathematician applied to the American Mathematical Society in the 1950s, the application was rejected for one reason — Nicolas Bourbaki did not exist.

Who was Nicholas Bourbaki?

Nicholas Bourbaki was not a person but a…

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